"Local Business Directory Representatives"

Compensation: Commission Based is the nation's fastest growing
"Local Business Directory"
In the next year our sales force of Local Business Directory Representatives will sign up approximately 30 Million Businesses across USA & Canada. The Directory is FREE for both Businesses & Individuals, plus every Business is listed on the Local Business Directory for FREE!

Each Business has it's own individual Directory Listing ~ Webpage, the top 40% of the page is business contact information with a map. The bottom 60% of the screen displays our Local Business Directory commercial slideshow. Each business is offered the lease space for their own web site or company advertising imagery.

The inset display graphic : has leased the space and uploaded a landing page, which will take a viewer directly to the actual website.

This focused advertisement has a cost of $5 per month or $50 per year.

Every City 'Area Code' is supported with its own Local Business Directory; 'Area Code' +

Today we are hunting in every city for "Local Business Directory Representatives" , for every area code across the United States of America & Canada.

Opportunity Summary

- Local Business Directory Representatives, will inform Business Owners about the opportunity to 'Personalize their Directory Listing' by Advertising next to their Company information for only $5 per month. (A quality solution, at a low price, is an easy sale.)

-The "Focused Advertisement ~ Lease Space" on the Local Business Directory, is a Simple Solution to "Getting Your Business Found on the Internet".

-The Business Owner is either buying clients from Search Engines "Pay Per Click", (which will be $100's to $1,000's per month.) ( These "Pay Per Clicks" are only shoppers clicking on your Internet Search Result. Not a guarantee to purchase anything from the Business.)

Or the Business Owner has a web page, and it is just sitting on the Internet without any connection to any marketplace, waiting for the Search Engines to display their non advertising company information.

-Now, thanks to the Local Business Directory, North America has a Fair internet system for Businesses to be found.

What's in it for the Representative?

- Independent Representatives earn a 25% commission on the lease space income.
(25% of Annual Advertising Cost of $50 = $12.50 Year after year as your client base grows, so does your income.)

-When a Representative leases 10 advertising spaces every day, that adds up to $31,250 per year. [10 (per day) x 5 (days in week) x 50 (weeks) = 2,500 Clients Advertising.]
[Earning a Commission of $12.50 x 2,500 Clients = $31,250 per year]

-Starting Year Two of your Local Business Directory Representation Game, you already have 2,500 paying clients earning you a Residual Income of $31,250 when Businesses continue advertising. Then you sell another 2,500 during year two and you are earning another $31,250! Totaling $62,500 for year 2 income! Continue leasing the Local Business Directory and grow your income year after year.

-Once you enter a Business into the Local Business Directory, that Business is marked with your Representative ID# and thus, if it takes a few months for the Business to choose to advertise, you will still be compensated the full commission when they do. This protects the efforts of the Representative.

(See the Salesperson Tutorial Videos on the parent company website

Job Responsibilities:

- Making introductory calls / visits to Businesses in your area.
- Distributing "Welcome to the Local Business Directory", post cards within your area.
- Communicating and following up with Clients.
- Maintaining and delivering reports as required.
- Building Strong and Positive relationships with Businesses over the Phone, Email, & In Person.

Interested candidates should e-mail their resume to :